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History of The Wild West

The History of the West   -  Wild West Merchandise

The history of the wild west, cowboys, red indians, native Americans, wagon trains and more..... plus wild west merchandise
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When the first white men arrived in the new world [America] from the Old world [Europe], they came across high cheek boned, deeply suntanned natives, who they later nicknamed 'Red Indians'. These were the first ever to live in America and lived there alone for centuries. Did you know that they weren't called red Indians because of their skin colour, but because of the red war paint they wore when going out?

It is however important to tell you that from very early on there were 2 main types of Indians-Forest and Prairie- and they both lived in very different ways..

The White Man discovered the Native Americans (Red Indians)in the 16th Century. They were by no means foolish, they knew how to use stone, wood, skin and bone for their weapons and household objects, but knew absolutely nothing about Metal. The men knew how to get their women [squaws] to carry all the heavy loads, all about fire to cook and keep them warm.

Below is a list of the major tribes and where they originated from;

Apache - South Plains, South West, East

Cherokee - East Tennessee, North Carolina

Cheyenne - Plains

Chinook - North West Pacific coast

Iroquois - North East

Mohawk - New York

Navajo - New Mexico, Arizona, Utah

Sioux - Plains

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